Fashion & Decor

I am by NO means a fashionista, and not even close to being a decorating diva like my friend Dina (you can check out her blog here), but I LOVE shopping and I LOVE decorating!  Really, though, who doesn't?

I am a LOVER of changing things up around the house.  J doesn't love it because 1) he's not a lover of change, and 2) change usually involves putting him to work.  For reason #2 alone, I can't blame him, but he's such a trooper!  He even puts up with my clothing/shoe fetish!

I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.  :)

03/2011 - Project "Table and Chairs"
03/2011 - Living Room/Kitchen Makeover
02/2011 - Michelle's MUST-HAVES (Kelly's Korner - Show Us Your Life - Beauty Secrets)
10/2010 - Jack's Room
07-2010 - May - Jack Turns O-N-E
05/2009 - Jack's Room

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