Friday, February 19, 2010

Jack in the Box

Get it?

On the Move...

I'm sure you're tired of hearing about pests and creatures and want some updates on our little man. Jack is doing fantastic! He started army crawling a couple of weeks ago... it's so funny. He just uses one leg, so he looks like a wounded soldier trying to make it to base. Love it. Here's a video for you - ENJOY! (There's music to the video so it's not so boring...)

My Kind Husband

So, we had another creature try to sneak into our house. If you remember about a month ago, I shared about the "intruder" that we caught in our garage (click here to see the post). I'm not sympathetic to these reptiles, so it doesn't bother me when we catch them. My husband on the other hand, always tries to save them...
This guy wasn't QUITE as big, but he's still pretty gross. He's luck Josh found him before it was too late.Blech. He sprays them with this natural cleaner that helps get them off the pad. I think the little guy was in shock that he survived the CATCHMASTER, and wouldn't run off...So Josh helped him out. GROSS. Can't believe he TOUCHED the thing!

Another Intruder

This is what Josh found in our backyard a few weeks ago. GROSS. Yes, that's a possum. It's CREEPY. Unfortunately, no Catchmaster for this guy...