Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy 7th Month Birthday!

I just noticed on our blog that it's Jack's 7 month birthday today!! At least for another 30 minutes... Has it really been 7 whole months?? WOW. I guess since I've been horrible at updating our blog, I should probably give a quick summary of what's happened in the past month...

At 6 months, we started Jack on "solid food" - really, it's pureed food, so I'm not sure if you would call it "solid". We started Jack on rice cereal initially. First time was a mess, but he seemed to catch on fast. Surprisingly, the second time was overall pretty clean! He was eager to have more. After a few days of just plain rice cereal, we started mixing in pears. Now, he's eating applesauce, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, and bananas.
Over Thanksgiving, we went to see Grandma and Grandpa in Amarillo. Jack got a chance to meet several of his cousins that we hardly ever get to see. It was so much fun to have everyone over to play with him. He loved it and was such a good boy! He even got to play "horse-y" with his Uncle Kham.LOVE how he's got a grip on uncle's "mane"!!
In Amarillo, Jack got to see his first snowfall. It snowed the last day we were there. So glad he got to see the snow!

Jack has become such a happier baby! What a difference from when he was an newborn! His coarse laugh cracks us up. He started sitting up on his own just in the past couple of weeks and has been playing with his toys more purposefully - meaning, he seems to know what to do to cause a noise or make a toy light up.

I've got about 10 minutes left to get this post up before his 7 month birthday is over, so I will have to continue another time. We are in Midland for the Christmas "break", so I will post Christmas pictures up when we get home. We had a white Christmas in DFW, then made the trek to Stamford, then on to Midland. Hoping we get a little breather when we get home before my family visits next weekend! We hope everyone has had a BLESSED CHRISTMAS!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Sullivans

I wanted to share a blog with you that I started following back in September. I've been meaning to post on it for some time now. This family has such a unique and inspiring story. I encourage you to start from the beginning of their blog (February 2009) of their journey through the trial they were given and how they fully trusted in God's hand in its outcome. All things happen for HIS Glory. Their journey has blessed me and I hope it blesses you.

Click Here: The Sullivans

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Boys are Gross.

Jack is SO GROSS. He actually TOUCHED Josh's feet. YUCK.