Thursday, March 3, 2011

Living Room/Kitchen Makeover

So back in January, we decided our house needed a little facelift and took on the challenge of repainting our living room and kitchen (they're kind of connected so we had to paint both).  Because we have a toddler, J and I were only able to work in the evenings after the kiddo went to bed.  On top of that, we only worked on the weekends.  It took us a good six weeks to finish.  Okay, maybe five.  J doesn't count the first weekend where we painted two walls and we (okay, maybe I) decided the color selection was a thumbs down.  J graciously allowed me to change colors and redo the two walls.  ANYWHO, we went from a light tan color (called 'Spiced Vinegar') to a taupe color (called 'Winter Delta').  I forgot to do before and after shots, so I pulled an old photo from Jack's birthda party last year.

BEFORE ('Spiced Vinegar' was throughout the whole living/kitchen area - the ceilings are also 'Spiced Vinegar'):

AFTER ('Winter Delta' on all the walls except the front fireplace wall, which is the color of our bedroom):

I also picked up a few fun pieces to add to our space.

I found this water can at an antique store.  I love it!  It was really gross when I got it, but I have a loving husband that cleaned out all the spider webs and junk that was in it.  YUCK.
I've had this vinyl art for a couple of years now and was waiting to put it up until after we painted.  Yes, we've been wanting to paint for a couple of years now.  It's crazy what a kid can do to your time and schedule!  (The ceilings stayed 'Spiced Vinegar'.)
I got a couple of mexican doors for Christmas to put on either side of our TV in the living room.  They are my favorite!
And I got this canvas made from Franklin Photography and Wide Format Printing (his prices are FANTABULOUS!).  Photo was taken by my sweet friend at Liana Randel Photography.

You'll have to check back soon to see what else we've been working on around here!  Okay, maybe J's been doing most of the work.  He's the handyman.  I'm his little helper. :)  Here's a sneak peak... 

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  1. I totally love it! I really like the color by the fireplace! Great job!