Tuesday, July 6, 2010

May... Jack Turns O-N-E

Our little boy turned ONE this last May. I can't believe it. I was laid off at the right time because initially, I wasn't going to throw a party. No cake, no decorations, no friends. Maybe some family, but that was it. There just wasn't any time to think about it. So, when I lost my job, I kept busy with his birthday party. It was so much fun to plan it! I didn't know where to start and had my friend Pam help guide me. I borrowed SEVERAL of her ideas, so don't think I'm creative and came up with these on my own!

I decided early on that I wanted to make Jack a matching birthday bib and hat. I made the applique (the "1" and the "jack") and got the white fabric at JoAnn's. I wanted the bib and hat to last, so my awesome friend Lisa (who also makes cute handmade children's clothing and accessories - check out her BLOG) embroidered around the appliques and ended up making the hat, too! Isn't she awesome! For the bib, I traced one we already had as a pattern and went to town!
My friend Pam did a door hanging for her son's party that I LOVED, so I made one, too. It's supposed to match the appliques above, but the green is a different color. Oh well. Jack didn't care.I went a little banner crazy for the party. We had banners galore.
Banners in the entry... In the kitchen...On his high chair...At the mantle...There was another over our living room windows, but I didn't think they were blog worthy.
I painted these block letters that I got at Hobby Lobby on CLEARANCE. Yipee! And the daylilies were from the front yard.
I personalized the party favors for the kids. We had a range of ages, so I wanted to be sure each kid got something appropriate for their age. AND I made balloon animals for each of the kids to take home.
We copied Pam's son's cake and got the same design for Jack. I just LOVED how the cake turned out! Here's his smash cake.And the main birthday cake.
The menu consisted of Crock-Pot BBQ, Potato Salad, Pasta Salad, Rolls, and Chicken Nuggets for the kiddos. I'm weird and like to wrap all my plasticware with fun napkins and tie them with ribbon. Josh thinks I'm crazy for putting in the effort.
So, on to the party.... Here's Jack before cake. He hardly wore his birthday hat. I was so sad!Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...Yummy...
After cleaning Jack up, we opened his gifts. He's trying to decide which gift to open first.Showing Bella his new truck.See and Say. Remember this when it had the pull string?Cason helping Jack get the train out of the box.This Alphabet Train is the best toy ever. He loved it instantly and was pushing it around the house during the party.This piece connects to the train and you can push your kid around while he's sitting on it. We did that for a while and got tired so disconnected the two pieces. He's wondering who's going to push him around in this picture.Our little family...Jack and the grandparents. Notice Jack is STILL on his train. This was after just about everyone had already left.
And here's a picture of a worn out momma and child. What a party! My sweet baby boy is all grown up...


  1. You did such a great job! All the decorations are perfect!

  2. Love it! Adorable-girl you did amazing!!!!

  3. Michelle, you did an awesome job on his party!

  4. Michelle!!! His party was simply adorable!!!

  5. Looks Perfect! Could you come to my house and do it for us? Seriously, I think you did a great job!