Thursday, January 21, 2010

Am I Crazy?

Am I crazy to think that my little guy is the cutest boy in the whole wide world? I'm sure other mothers think the same thing I do of their own children, but I KNOW that he's the cutest of them all (sorry if I offend you...). Believe me, there are some kiddos that are a close tie, but he's hard to beat!I can already tell by this face that he's going to be mischievous... and will most likely get away with anything. He's so great to have around!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

After Christmas Intruder

When we got back from Midland, we found an INTRUDER in our garage. BUT we prepare for these things and have our house booby trapped... may this be a warning for all of you pests out there that want to invade our home...
That's right... the CATCHMASTER. Our pest control guy Charles puts these in our garage. Josh doesn't like them because he feels bad for the lizards when they get stuck on the pads. Me? Not so much. They are GROSS. Sad thing is that we usually find them still breathing a little... Josh will try and save them sometimes, but hasn't had much luck as of late. OH WELL.

Jack's First Christmas (at Home - Part II)

Just one more Christmas celebration with family... my parents and brother visited us over New Year's weekend to spend the holiday with us. It was such a treat to see them! Of course, Jack was spoiled by his uncle and grandparents.My childhood friend was in town with her husband, so they stopped by to meet Jack. It took a while for Jack to warm up to Linda and Isaac. Josh says it was because of Linda's burnt orange sweatshirt...
We had a great time with family!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jack's First Christmas (in Stamford and Midland)

On Christmas day, we got up, opened Santa's gift to Jack, had a little breakfast, then braved the icey roads and headed to Stamford, Texas for Christmas with Josh's family. The drive was a little nerve racking, but we made it, and we made it safely. It was great to see everyone again - we missed last year and stayed home so I wouldn't have to travel pregnant, so it had been a while since we'd seen some of them.Jack was a trooper and let us put antlers on him. He'll love this picture when he's 16.Here's the Johnson/Langley family. Jack is sitting with Gram.After the festivities, we got back on the road and headed to Midland. We had Christmas a couple more times - none of his gifts were wrapped this time. He didn't know the difference.Here's Jack and Gram.And here's Jack and Paw-Paw.
One more Christmas celebration to go!!

Jack's First Christmas (Santa's Visit)

We woke up sleepy eyes Christmas morning so he could see what Santa left under the tree. I think Jack was thinking, "Can I get breakfast first?", but he didn't fuss too much.Poor thing was ready for breakfast. He didn't care so much for his gift... he just wanted to eat the wrapping paper!

Jack's First Christmas (at Home)

How AWESOME that Jack's first Christmas was a white Christmas! It snowed about 3-4" late Christmas Eve. We made it to the Christmas Eve service that afternoon and even got a chance to go out to dinner after church before the weather got too bad.We dressed Jack in overalls. I LOVE him in overalls. They're probably not very comfortable, but he's so cute in them. We were finally able to use his little trapper hat to keep his ears warm while we were out. We kept his little outfit on when we got home so we could get a few pictures. We had our family Christmas time that evening. Jack got to open his first Christmas presents. He was eager to get into them!Daddy had to help him out with a few gifts.Most of his gifts made it into his mouth...One of Jack's gifts was a mini piano. Maybe he'll love music as much as we do one day!
We love our little cutie pie!

I'm a Burrito! Part 2

These were too cute to not share. Jack still gets rolled up in his blanket. I love it!