Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jack's Room

Okay, so this is my VERY FIRST link up EVER to another blog! I'm a couple days late, but oh well. So, Kelly's Korner's 'Show us your Life' this week is NURSERIES AND KID'S ROOMS. Most of you have seen pictures of Jack's room before from an older post, but I decided to take some fresh pics.
We added these shelves to one of the walls that was bare when Jack was first born. We found the fun monkey book ends and monkey picture frame at Kohl's. Fitting, because Jack is a little monkey. The Snoopy is mine. Don't tell, but I slept with my Snoopy doll up through college (and maybe for a little while after Josh and I got married). Josh thought it was time for me to "let go", so I grew up and boxed him up. So glad I was able to use it in Jack's room! Disregard the mess, but I wanted to show off the closet. Jack's room is tiny, but boy, he's got quite the closet! So, he has to share it with some of our other belongings... suitcases, old comforters, lamp shades, picnic basket... to name a few. You can't tell, but there is a black toy chest I got at Canton at the bottom right of his closet that I hope to pull out for him when he's a little older. Right now, I set diapers and wipes on it.
This bookcase came from one of my most FAVORITE furniture stores in Dallas. If you haven't been to Nadeau Imports, you need to check it out!The verse above the mirror is part of a passage in 1st Samuel that I prayed daily when we were trying to get pregnant. Because He answered our prayer, we've committed Jack's life over to the Lord. We pray daily that Jack will grow up to know the Lord and that He will use Jack in an incredible way.
A shelf I almost gave away, but fortunately had a place for it! The framed picture is from a dear friend from our church. It is of a child's hands clasp together with a special prayer written on it.My most favorite part of Jack's room are the huge letters above his crib, BUT I completely forgot to get a picture of them! Unfortunately, Jack's already in bed and I'm up WAY past my bedtime, so you can check out more pictures of the room HERE.
Hope you enjoyed your visit!