Sunday, August 1, 2010


So, I know I'm a little behind again. I just don't ever think to blog when I've got time to myself! I started reading again. I picked up a Karen Kingsbury book that I started before I went back to work LAST August (of 2009!!). I got halfway through it and stopped reading it when life became chaotic. SO, I'm re-reading it to try and catch myself back up! I forgot how much I loved her books!

Anyway, June was a fun month! Jack got into the pool for the first time this summer! He loves the water!! He doesn't enjoy getting dunked in, but he tolerates it the first few times. Here he is at the Franklin's house. They have this super huge slide in their backyard that spits you out into the pool. They think one day Jack will be ready to go down it. I think I won't ever be ready to go down that - EVER.

That green thing in the back right is part of the slide that Mike built. Yes, there is water coming down it. The start of the slide is above the clouds - it's HUGE. (Okay, maybe not above the clouds, but still....)

I had to throw in this picture, too. This is our super hero, Jack Jack, the drool machine. He managed to twirl his bib around like a cape. :) That's it.

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