Saturday, July 3, 2010

April Playdates...

In April, Jack got to hang out with his buddy Cason, who is 2 months older than him. They play really well together! He's excited about seeing more of Cason now that we have more time to do that. Cason got this really cool water park for his backyard, so Jack is just WAITING for him to invite us over (hint, hint...).Jack also got to play with his friend Clay. Clay is about 2 months younger than Jack. Clay's mom and I grew up together in Amarillo and have been great friends for a long time! Unfortunately, Clay and his family are moving back to Amarillo in mid-July. Jack's really sad to see his friend go. :(
Speaking of moving... our good friends, the Nelly's abandoned us. Chris got a nice gig in Spring, Texas so the whole family packed up and left town. I hope they are enjoying Houston's AMAZING weather. I don't know why Chris just doesn't travel back and forth. He used to work in Rockwall. Isn't Spring just as far? (Just kidding Laura) We had one final get together a while back. In our younger years, we would hang out almost every weekend and stay out 'til wee hours of the night. All four of us have kids now, so that doesn't happen anymore. Maybe one of these days, we'll rent a 15 passenger van again and take a road trip to Colorado!! Anyway, we miss you guys, and I'm really sorry I haven't called you back, Laura! I'm still trying to get over you guys leaving. I'll call you when I've forgiven you. Haha!


  1. Hey! Call me back you big dork! ;) miss you!

  2. Awweee...what fun times we had until the wee hours. I feel like we always had to end the night talking about predestination! Right?