Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lake Meredith

We went to Amarillo for a few days last week to visit my family and for a friend's wedding. While we were there, my daddy wanted to take us to Lake Meredith where he fishes EVERY Thursday evening until about midnight. He gets home from work about 6PM, gets dressed, packs his fishing gear, and heads out. He doesn't even eat dinner. He'll pack some crackers and a banana to have down at the lake. I remember going with him as a little girl. He just started getting back into fishing a year or two ago, so it's almost like he went about 15-20 years without going! He enjoys it so much, so I'm glad he got to share a part of it with us last weekend.

So, Grandpa wanted to take Jack out to the marina to look at these huge fish. Don't ask me what kind they are because I haven't the slightest idea. You can buy popcorn in the store there to feed the fish. We stood at the rails and threw popcorn out to the fish and they pretty much devoured it! Jack on the other hand would grab a handful of popcorn, hold it out above the water, then cram the popcorn into his mouth instead of feeding the fish. And he'd laugh while doing it, like he knew he was teasing the fish. Those suckers were fat (probably from all the popcorn) and were easily close to 2 feet long. They'd come up out of the water to get their treats.

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