Saturday, June 19, 2010


In February, my best friend and childhood pen pal came to visit us. Emily and I started writing to each other when we were about 10. We were paired up through a pen pal program set up by Focus on the Family's Clubhouse magazine. At that time she was living in North Carolina (she and her husband now live in Georgia). When we were kids, we wrote and sent pictures often, which is probably why we have continued to be friends! We would take turns calling each other - neither of us had cell phones back then, so we made long distance calls. I remember my mom would only let me talk to her for 15 minutes at a time, but we talked often... about BOYS, horses, school, and more BOYS!! We met for the first time on our 21st birthday (her birthday is a day before mine). Emily came to visit me while I was at A&M. She was in my wedding in 2004, and a few years later, Josh and I went to North Carolina for me to be in her wedding. Emily has been such a blessing to me - and so has her family. I'm so BLESSED to have her in my life.

Here are a couple of pics from her last trip. We didn't get to do much because DFW had record snowfall that weekend. Her plane barely landed - so glad she took a super early flight because it only got worse further into the day!
On Valentine's Day, Josh and I attended the All-Star Basketball game at Texas Stadium. I'm not really into basketball, but Josh is, and I was glad to get to spend Valentine's Day out with him.This is Usher. I don't listen to his music, but some of you might. Shakira and Alicia Keys were also there for the half time show. We went to the Pro Shop and were fortunate to miss Shakira's cage dance performance to that Wolf song. We did catch some of Alicia Keys on the way back to our seats. I like her.

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