Saturday, August 15, 2009

Recent Favorite Photos of Jack Attack

This was a mobile photo. Phone's not quite fast enough to catch his moving arms. He's in his rockstar shirt for his Aunt Kristyn.
Another mobile photo - this has to be my absolute favorite.Jack with his famous "scowl". He always does that thing with his eyebrows. He gets it from me...My favorite photo of Jack and Josh... even though he's wearing a cap. I don't like caps. Speaking of caps, the church is taking donations for baseball caps to take on their mission trip to Africa [JOSH, I'M TALKING TO YOU].


  1. I will make sure and pass on the info about caps donations to Jason! He could probably outfit a small country in Africa! LOL

  2. we have the guitar outfit too, I just love it. We will have to get some matching photos in it.

  3. Michelle~Jack is such a muffin!!! I LOVE his precious little face and he makes me want to have baby #2 asap because he is so adorable!!!! After Grayer,of course, i think he is the cutest little boy EVER!!!