Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meeting Momma's Friends

This week, Jack got a chance to meet some of my closest, and oldest friends.
Lindsey and her brother Kurt came and visited last Sunday to meet Jack. Lindsey and I grew up together in Amarillo. We went to church together, worked together, and probably got into some trouble together chasing after boys! I haven't seen Kurt in a few years and he surprised me with his beard - AND he's in college now! When did he grow up?!
Here's Kurt and Jack. I had to post the photo because of Jack's pout.And here's Linds with Jack. My college roommate Johanna came on a last minute trip last night to meet Jack. She got to stay over and visit with us before leaving this morning for Austin. I'm sure she thought about how boring Josh and I have become now that we have Jack! We cooked a boring dinner, played a little bit of Wii, then watched the news... 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock news. Sad , huh? Johanna's great with kids - Jack took a liking to her pretty quickly!

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