Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Month Checkup

Jack officially turned 2 months old yesterday. Crazy how fast the past 2 months have gone by! We went to the pediatrician today (I keep wanting to say vet because we have a dog) for his 2 month check up and his first round of shots. They took his measurements and got his weight and he is growing and eating well, and is perfectly healthy. I can't seem to convince the doctor that I think something is wrong with him because sometimes it seems like all he does is cry my ears out. APPARENTLY, that's normal. Oh well - I guess he's not defective after all. :)

I'm sure you all are eager to hear his measurements - I've had several people ask about that and his percentiles, so here they are:
Height - 20"
Weight - 7 lb 15oz
Head Circumference (I guess this is to make sure his brain is growing??) - 14"
TODAY - 2 months and 1 day:
Height - 24" (about 90th percentile)
Weight - 11lb 4oz (about 50th percentile)
Head Circumference -16" (about 50th percentile)

He also got his first round of vaccinations: 1 oral and 3 needles in the leg. OUCH. He did real well. He's not as tough as his friend Logan - he did cry, but not for too long. I started to worry before it was his turn for shots because I heard a baby screaming down the hall and I'm sure that kid was getting some shots, too! Here's a picture of his cute thighs with his cool Band-Aids: blue camo, Spiderman, and Snoopy. I wonder if he'll like Band-Aids as much as I did as a kid. It always seemed like bandages made everything feel better, even if you weren't bleeding or scraped up. I used to sneak into the medicine cabinet to get bandages to stick all over me because I thought it was cool to have Barbie on my finger or on my knee. My parents didn't think so - something about wasting them...
Here are a few more progress photo of our little Jack.
Holding his head up:Being a Cutie Pie for his Momma:Tired of "Tummy Time": Rolling from his tummy to back with the help of the pillow on the mat - amazingly I had the camera in my hands when he was doing this - and more amazing that he did it twice for me!
Starting the roll: Oh so close!!The roll over was so quick it scared him! Look at that SAD face!!Here's Maggie saying, "What's the big deal? I can do that!!"

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