Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sleepy Boy

Well, Jack slept a good 9 hours last night. I'm going to say that I just got lucky because he had a full day with getting his vaccinations, then meeting his Uncle Nate-dog for the first time, and to top it off, it was bath night! I just put him down for a nap in his crib because he was yawning and falling asleep as we were singing and dancing to, "Give me gas for my Ford, keep me trucking for the Lord..." - do you guys remember that song? It's another verse to "Give me oil in my lamp". LOVE IT and can't believe I remembered it after all these years! Anyway, back to the subject. It's been about 10 minutes and he's just started to scream. My prediction is that after 10-20 minutes of screaming, he'll finally fall asleep again, and about 20 minutes later, he'll start screaming again. It seems like he'd really rather nap in my arms or my lap, but I'm not all about that. No way Jose. Let's hope he takes a good nap this morning. More to follow soon...


  1. 9 hours! U ROCK! I'm praying he keeps it up for you :) gina

  2. I would love 9 hours. We went from 8 hours back to 4 for the past few nights. Not cool! I'm so tired!!!