Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Off to Work We Go!!

Jack and I visited Key Construction last Friday. It was so good to see everyone and have everyone meet Jack! I'm not back at work yet - I still have 5 more weeks, which I KNOW will fly by so fast! Sorry fellow estimators, but you guys seem to be doing fine without me! My friend Kristyn took some pictures of Jack with everyone. She's real good about having her camera on her at all times. Here are a few shots she got:
Aaron and Jack... Jack says Aaron might be ready for kids pretty soon! He looks like a pro! :)Andrea and Jack... he's staring at her and loves that she's loving on him!Adam and Jack... they're chillin'...Grandpa Robert and Jack... Robert didn't want to hold the little monkey because he was afraid he'd get jinxed with real grandkids.Aunt Kristyn and Jack... Jack ALWAYS loves to be held by his fav Auntie!Jack and Aunt Veronica... Jack loves his Aunt "V"!

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