Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Charlie Returns...

I'm talking about THE Charlie, the not-so-miniature daschund.

Full name: Charlie Brown Langley
Nicknames: Prince Charles, Chunky Charlie, The Tank, Dumbo (not because he lacks intelligence because he's rather smart, but because of his enormous ears that he's had to grow into), and Slobber Face (he drools like no other)

Here's his before shot:
Cute, huh?

If you remember, my wonderful husband (and I'm not being sarcastic because I really do think he's wonderful) Josh got me Charlie as a surprise gift for my birthday last year. I was OH so surprised and wasn't sure what to think. He's a cute little stinker, but I was not mentally prepared to take on the responsibility of raising another puppy. We were thinking about having a kid at that time and I started to stress out about raising a child and a puppy. Maggie Mae, our first daschund, seemed so easy to train and caught on pretty fast. I struggled with Charlie... to his defense, we only had him for a short time and my patience with him was lacking. AND Maggie Mae didn't quite handle the new sibling very well. SO, he got re-gifted and was given to Josh's parents for their birthdays. We are such great children!!

Josh's parents love Charlie and I'm thankful that he could go to such a loving home. We see him every now and then, and Maggie and Charlie play better together now. This week, we had the pleasure of puppysitting Mr. Charlie while Josh's parents are on a mission trip.

Here's Charlie when Josh's parents left the house. I guess he knew what he was in for at the Langley household...Here's Maggie's Ball that Charlie decided to eat (and when I say "eat", I mean chew and digest) - notice his enormous ear that seems to stand up on its own every now and then: Here's what Maggie thinks of Charlie:The boy was a handful this week - everything from wanting in and out of the house every 2-3 minutes, to barking right when Jack seemed to fall asleep. Maggie wasn't any better with her growling. I wish they could learn to play quietly. I made a point to get out of the house everyday this week. I don't have anything planned for tomorrow, but I'm sure Jack and I will make it out of the house once more to get away from the chaos! The week was a challenge, but we survived it! I'm giving myself a pat on the back!!

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