Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my 27th birthday - wow. That much closer to 30! This is my first birthday as a momma and I didn't think mom's got to celebrate birthdays. Well, this momma did... (remember that for me, just getting out of the house these days is something to celebrate!!)

I was almost certain that Jack was going to sleep through the night for me for my birthday, especially since it's his 6 week birthday. He didn't, BUT he did let me take 2 good naps with him during the day, which almost never happens. I always seem to find something else to do or take care of, but I decided to rest today.

Since he's so much older now, I thought I'd let him try the bouncer again. We tried it out a few weeks ago and he didn't so much care for it. He seemed to enjoy it this time and even fell asleep in it. Isn't he precious?!I am almost certain that Jack smiled at me today, too. I didn't get it on camera, of course, but I KNOW I made him smile. Hopefully I can get a picture posted soon to show you. Up until today, he's only smiled in his sleep.

Josh made a point to make it home by 6 so that I could have dinner with my coolest friend ever, Kristyn. We went to PF Chang's, our fav, and had lettuce wraps and Mongolian Beef. YUM!! It was fun to catch up with her and to spend some time with someone older than 6 weeks old. She got me some awesome gifts that I'm excited about using, including a gift card to STARBUCKS. She knows how to spoil her friends. Here she is with Jack. Look at the little monkey's face - he started to fuss because he didn't want her to leave!! Jack loves his Aunt Kristyn! She spoils him, too.
Finally, Josh surprised me with the WHOLE Cosby DVD set. I LOVE the Cosby Show and watched it growing up with my family. I can't wait to watch them all with Jack one day. It's one of the greatest shows ever. I think Bill Cosby is HI-larious and I love his clean humor. I've even won tickets to one of his shows at Bass Hall by proving how much I love the Cosbys. The unfortunate news is that I won't be watching any of the shows while I'm at home during maternity leave... our monthly electric bill went from $80 (yep, $80.00) to $240 since I've been home. Funny thing is, I usually have the TV on just for noise because we don't have cable and there's never anything good on. So now, I'm more conscious about keeping the TV off, leaving the lights off during the day (I'm bad about leaving them on during the day because I like light), and keeping the thermostat at 79 degrees. Hopefully that helps next month's bill!
Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes on facebook, all your emails, and phone calls! I'm so glad we still get to celebrate birthdays when we get to be this old! The Lord is so gracious to give me such an awesome family and loving friends!


  1. Dude! You need to come bring the Cosby's over to my house. I will let you use my electricity. I want to watch the one where Theo wants to be in the real world, so they turn their house into the real world. Do you know what I am talking about?

  2. Happy Birthday Michelle! I am glad you had a good birthday. We watch the Cosby's here alot. Forget about reading parenting books, Claire and Cliff had great ideas.