Saturday, July 4, 2009

Diaper Duty (or 'Doodie', as Courtney would say)

So Jack moved up to Size 1 diapers this week. It's hard to believe how fast he's grown! One thing we have enjoyed about the Newborn diapers is the yellow stripe that turns blue/green when the diaper is wet. Sure has made life just a tad bit easier for us! We're finding out that the indicator stripe is not so common with Size 1 and up diapers. What a disappointment! You'd think all diapers would come this way - who wouldn't want to take advantage of the stripe? Well, I had given up on trying to find the Size 1 diapers with the stripe, but low and behold, I found some at Wal-mart the other day! I got so giddy (yes, over diapers). I went ahead and splurged on a couple of packs because it was worth it to me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a picture of them. Don't worry, we plan to slowly wean off of the stripe so we don't get too attached...


  1. I loved the stripe too! we looked everywhere to find 1's with the stripe and i was so happy when we discovered the sensitive. I have some 1's for you (without the stripe) becuase we moved to 2's. They grow so fast!

  2. The stripe was so cool! Chloe is wearing size 2's and I haven't found any 2's with a stripe.

    I am glad you guys have a blog!