Friday, October 14, 2011

Vacation 2011 - Part 3

I guess I really didn't go into detail about some of the other things we did while we were in San Antonio.  We didn't spend every day at Sea World.  I think that the 2 days were plenty!

We pretty much SHOPPED the first day... I made the boys stop in San Marcos for some "outlet" shopping.  Keep in mind that most of my clothes are from Old Navy.  If they get more expensive than that, I usually will pass.  SO, we did more window shopping than anything.  I DO, HOWEVER, HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR FOSSIL.  They have TWO Fossil outlets in San Marcos... not sure why.  I was determined to go home with something.  So, this is what I purchased.  I got it on sale.  It's my favorite color.  I love it.
Josh didn't get a single thing, and we purchased a couple of overpriced toys for Jack.  That's how we roll these days.  I'm sure some of you totally feel me out there!

We stayed at the Westin La Cantera Resort on the north side of town.  LOVED IT.  We didn't get to golf or do anything at the spa because Jack wasn't old enough to do the day camp they have at the resort for the kids.  They had a play room for the kids to play with trains, do a craft, watch a movie, and some other stuff, but a parent had to be in the room.  Each night, you could roast smores at the fire pit and they played some movie on the green.  And for the families with older kids, they had video game nights and pool competitions.  VERY kid friendly.  (I think they should pay me for this free advertising!)

We ate at a couple of neat places for dinner.  Chris Madrid's is apparently a favorite burger joint in San Antonio.  They're known for their Tostada Burger that has refried beans, salsa and chips on it.  Josh tried it out and said it was pretty good!  I wasn't that brave.  Jack was so tired from the day that he slept through part of dinner - and it was NOISY!!

We also ate at Big Lou's Pizza.  It was 30 minutes away, but well worth it!  This is the place that was featured on Man vs. Food for their 42" pizza.  SO GOOD.  And we saw a TON of large parties that ordered the 42" pizza.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos.  Bummer.

Here are our photos from the hotel...
Jack in the kid's pool.
  He wasn't this happy when he discovered that bee sitting on his right arm.
LOVED this beach entry.
The pool area had a fun slide that Jack loved - you can see it in background.  This particular day it was closed so he was sad when we told him he couldn't go down it.  :(
Played SO much in the water that his lips turned BLUE!
Smores at the Fire Pit by the pool.  (I forgot a change of shorts for Jack and was too lazy to run upstairs to get a pair.  Classy, I know.)
Smores ALL over their faces.
Leftover pizza for breakfast one morning.  YUM!!

On our drive back home, we stopped in Gruene to eat at the Gristmill.  We sat outside overlooking the river and it was beautiful.  And of course, the food was yummy, too.

And that concludes our 2011 Family Vacation!!  Now, I'd like to take out WITHOUT the kid!  (No offense, Jack.)

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