Thursday, February 3, 2011

My New Rainboots

I've been wanting a pair of rainboots for a while now. BUT, since we are on an allowance system (J and I get a monthly cash allowance that we can spend however we choose), I am pretty careful about my unnecessary purchases. Most of my allowance goes towards lunches for me and little J. It's always a nice treat for us to have lunch out with friends when we can. PB&J and turkey sandwiches get old quickly. I'm sure you other moms know exactly how I feel.

Target was carrying black and white houndstooth rainboots (youth size) that went on clearance about a month or so ago. They were around $10, but I just couldn't bring myself to buying the boots. They now have the black in white in adult size for full price - I think $24.99. Kind of sad I missed out on the black and white ones, but look what I found this week:

PINK houndstooth. These boots were on clearance with the black and white ones last month, but I have to say I disregarded them because I am not a lover of all things pink (sorry pink lover friends). It's a nice color - I don't hate it, but I prefer black and white. These boots were 75% off this week.That's right. A whopping $4.98. I'd rather the boots be in black and white, but I like the pink, too (especially at that price!). They had them in my size... YOUTH size 3. Yep, they fit rather nicely. If you're wondering if they'll fit you, I wear a 6 or 6-1/2 in women's shoes.

I know what you're thinking. "You saved $5. What's the big deal?!" Well, that $5 will buy me and little J lunch somewhere! :) Yay for my very first pair of rainboots ever!

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