Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We started off July with a playdate with Layne and Clay. Layne is a long time friend of mine from Amarillo. Her son Clay is about 2 months younger than Jack. He is precious! They just moved back to Amarillo which makes both Jack and I very sad, but we will make a point to see them again when we are in town. We spent the morning swimming, then had lunch and played inside. We came in just before a down pour of rain, so it was just perfect!On the 8th, I celebrated my 28th birthday with my best friend Kristyn. We went to PF Changs again this year - our favorite place! Kristyn then introduced me to Charmin' Charlies - loved it! She gave me a gift card to there for Christmas that I held on to for when we could go together, so I was excited until I realized that I forgot it at home - what was I thinking?? BUT, as we pulled in, she handed me a gift to open and it was a Nothing Bundt Cake (YUMMMMMMM) AND another gift card for my birthday!! PERFECT! Jack is a handful. Now that he's walking, he's everywhere and into everything. He likes to climb into his toy basket, climb onto the coffee table, get shoes out of our closet and drag them through the house, pull trash from the trash can, pull things off of the shelf in the pantry, take things out of the fridge when I've got it opened... and the list goes on. BUT, the little booger is still a cutie and I love him more every day!

He likes to hang out under the kitchen table. Not sure why, but he plays under there a lot. He also likes to go through the legs like it's a maze. There's a video below. He's such a stinker!!

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