Sunday, September 6, 2009

Upstream DoubleOnes

Josh, Jack and I met up with my old college friends for dinner last weekend. Duane, Eddie, Jared and I were in the same Upstream group (on-campus bible study) our freshman year at A&M and have continued to stay friends even after college. It's amazing how God formed our group that year, and it is even more amazing how many of us are still friends after being away from each other for so long! It was so fun seeing these guys again, but I wish that the rest of the gang could've been there, too! By the way, Jared and Anna are expecting a little one soon and just found out that they are having a little BOY!! Congratulations guys!! And here's Jack. He was getting fussy so we had to give him is pacifier. He get's sleepy around 8PM these days. Which is great if we aren't out!

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