Monday, June 15, 2009

An Eventful Week

We had quite the eventful week last week. As most of you know, we had some CRAZY storms last Wednesday and Thursday! Our Bur Oak would've been in the neighbor's pool if we didn't have it tied down. In addition, we've got another fence post to repair - we still haven't repaired the post from the last storm! Good thing we had the post tied down, too. Otherwise, we'd be sharing a backyard with our back neighbors once again! (Yes, that's right - it wouldn't be the first time.) To add to the chaos, we lost power at our house. After about an hour of darkness, we decided the house was getting too warm for us to stay there with Jack. If it were just me and Josh, we would've toughed it out. Besides, who wants to change a diaper in the dark? We called up our friends Ron and Kim from church and asked if we could stay with them that evening. They graciously allowed us to camp out at their place that night. It was Jack's first overnight trip away from home. You know I was a nervous wreck. I'm still conscious about irritating others with the sound of a crying baby, and wasn't sure how Jack would respond to being in a new place. He did well, though! Josh and I woke up around 5am on Thursday and called the house. The answering machine didn't pick up so we knew the power was still out. Ron ended up driving Josh home so he could check on Maggie Moo (our sweet little dog) and get his truck for work. We planned on going home together, but Josh didn't want me and Jack to be without power all day. Of course, our power was on when Ron and Josh arrived to the house, which meant I'd be forced to drive home with Jack on my own.

It was still pouring when I left, but I made it home safely and Jack did VERY well in the car - despite the loud rain! I was so proud of myself!! After that trip, I felt so empowered and was ready to make my first shopping trip with Jack. When the storms were gone, I got the diaper bag ready, fed Jack, changed him, and got him in the car seat to go to Target. I had to capture a photo of his first trip...
He did so well at Target, we ended up going grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, and I rewarded myself with a Sonic drink since it was still happy hour! I was so proud of him... and me!

Josh and I had been debating all weekend whether or not we should attempt making it to church on Sunday and decided we would make it a last minute decision. Jack seemed a little fussy Sunday morning, but calmed down some after we gave him a bath. We decided we were going to do it! We got him dressed in his plaid overalls (I hate that I didn't get a photo!), and were off to church! We were running a little late, but we made it! It was so good to fellowship with our friends - Josh and I felt like we'd be gone for months even though it had only been a couple of weeks. After church, we went to Cotton Patch for lunch with the Franklins. Surprisingly, Jack slept through Sunday School AND lunch. It was great to be out of the house! We'll see how this week goes!!

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